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All music and lyrics by NTVSN


released February 23, 2013

Recorded at the Earth Capital Studios by Alex Estrada



all rights reserved


NTVSN Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Death House
Death House
I will never understand how people choose to be so ignorant with the issues at hand
This not only affects you, but it hits me too and what our lives could be
There is no compromise in their eyes
We are all fed lies
Oh this ‘American’ dream
I’ve seen the pain in my parent’s eyes
The struggle that they called our lives
But in the end I know we all are on our pursuit of ‘happiness’
And now I’m screaming at the sun to rise on a new empire we’ve all created
On blood, sweat, and tears
We’ll set forth on our new frontier
This shot will be heard around the world
In our darkest moments we will find our true strength
When will it end, oh this ‘American” dream?
Track Name: Sin Ti
Sin Ti
My dreams are in ruins
This place has helped me prove this
I wouldn’t know how to start this movement
Cause I swear that this will be the end of all good
Let’s get this straight
I’ve never needed to mask who I am
But I won’t even dare to cast a shadow in this place
I’m no saint
I am broadcasting for all the world to see
It’s my choice to be subtle and weary
But these actions will carry weight
Did you think that this would all blow over?
My bones are shaking and I’m weak at the knees
It frustrates me how we will never see eye to eye
I will never be alright
Track Name: Meanings
I’ve got a voice and its reaching out for you
All our meaning's been missing since the fallout
Take a second to open up your eyes and see through the smoke and mirrors
It all seems so clear that this is the most unfamiliar dream
We all can’t be lost for eternity
Despair, is all familiar in the wake of what was lost and found
Without a doubt I’m reaching out
And when reality kicks in I will not drown
I will not sink
We all have substance in things that we consider deep
But what are you worth?
What will you leave?
Track Name: Blacklungs
You’re just another face in the crowd
Another smile worn so proud
I can’t count the times on my own hands where I’d wish to see you disappear
So disappear
And what can you do when there’s not much left?
When the scent of rejoice is replaced with regret?
Who could you be that I’ve never met?
I’m an old soul free from all debts
Don’t waste your time trying to figure me out
Don’t waste my time, that’s not what I’m about
I'm not here for you
I’m not here to help you find yourself
Your cards have been dealt
I will leave you with a bitter mystery and believing in nothing but disbelief
And truth be told, it’s not what you’ll give to me but what you’ll be left
There is nothing more for me here
And finally no words to be said
Track Name: Fire Lover
How is this worth waiting for?
If I silenced my heart and my mind would my soul heal?
Cause I can see for miles and miles away
Love is not how it's made out to be
Like the love seen on those movie screens
So this is suffering and not a bitter fucking dream
This is my farewell to arms
I'll question everything
Would I land on my feet or adore this misery?
Ill have no answers for my wandering
Will I be able to say hello again?
Oh what we could have been
If we stopped being who we were and learn to love again
So if you're hearing these words just know
That I'm sorry
So please forgive me for all I've said and done
And I hope that your memories of me won't haunt you in your sleep